Sunday, July 29, 2012

Re-awakening Foot

Can't believe the improvement in my leg and foot during the last week. It's quite mind boggling to me after months of concern and anxiety while walking or driving. My confidence has returned and I almost feel like dancing.

The question of course is what caused this and it's current resolution. I suffer from Spinal Stenosis, (narrowing of the Spinal Canal, no doubt due to my  5 major episodes of ruptured discs).  With my frequent visits to my dear Chiro over the last six months, in which one aspect of his treatments has been to manipulate my lower back I have to wonder if that was the cause.

He was injured over a month ago and unable to return to work for 6 months so no further manipulations for me and perhaps why the improvement in my leg and foot. I don't fault him in any way, since the nerves from the neck down are all interconnected and have certainly received huge benefits to my shoulder which was the initial reason I sought his assistance.

I am so grateful for this improvement and the confidence in my mobility which of course leaves me without another layer of Anxiety.  I am feeling very hopeful at the moment that I won't have any further health problems. Not to forget my fear of falling which has plagued me for the last 3 years. I hope it will never occur again. Every incident has been so terrifying and left me feel much too vulnerable.

~ Tutte ~