Friday, February 1, 2013

A Postcript to my last Post

Subsequent to my major fall a few weeks ago, from which I have almost fully healed except for my left arm which seems to have an undiagnosed injury to the muscle which is contracted into a different and firm position but doesn't cause any pain. The major hematoma on my temple has healed and the stitches have been removed. I still have a slight one next to my right eye but it is diminishing gradually. All the bruising is now gone so I don't have to scare anyone I encounter when venturing out any longer. I feel perfectly fine. Haven't had a PTSD attack either for which I am so thankful. Did have a 3 months episode after my fall a year ago.

A few weeks ago, I ran into my Manager and stated, "I don't know if I thanked your properly for coming to my rescue." Her response, much to my surprise, was that she hadn't. A women in the building who was going to work early, saw me lying halfway into the hallway all bloody so knocked on the Manager's door to tell her to call 911. Which she did.

It's another indication of how angels present themselves in my life when I have a need. The manager told me she never heard any of my calls for help. Had it not been for the gal upstairs getting off the elevator, I could have bled to death. Are there really coincidences. I don't think so.

I have so much to be grateful for. Have made sure that my new cell phone is working and with me at all times since I have no idea when I will fall again. It provides me with some security.
Also finally purchased a decent pair of shoes that allows for much more stability versus the comfy sandals I have been wearing for the last 7 years. Not sure why I hadn't done that before. I expect that the cost was a deterrent. However, decided that regardless of the cost, it is worth my not falling down again. But I do need to say that I have only had two falls outside my apt. all the others occured inside. Accidents can happen anywhere and regardless of what precautions we take, they can't always be avoided. That's why the are called accidents.

~ Tutte ~