Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Less Anxiety Currently

Have had much less Anxiety in the last week. More psychologically peacerful. Not really clear as to what is making the change occur. No doubt that as the pain in my shoulders has diminished an am gaining more confidence while walking has had a major impact. Sleeping so much better is a major factor. No longer a Whirling Dirvish when I get into bed.

I don't really have a need to question or examine it too much for fear it will change. Perhaps all the internal work I am doing in trying to be aware and diligent about changing any negative thoughts. I am truly trying to live in the moment versus projecting all my fears about my future health, my financial situation and my distate for becoming old and alone. These thoughts are what have plagued me for so long. Trying to live in the moment is a major challenge. Probably the most difficult one I have had to face. If I don't learn how to do that I will always life with a state of Anxiety that is so dibilitating to all body/mind systems.

~ Tutte~