Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Treatments

My chiropracter, Mike who has taken me by the hand for over half a year in navigating the bridge of pain, free of charge, to provide some pain relief and mobility, had an accident last weekend. He belongs to a bicycle group and as they were riding, two deers jumped out in front of them. They had to scatter in order to avoid a collision which resulted in a major pile up. Mike was the only one who suffered a serious injury. Multiple factures to his collar bone. Bone protruding through the skin. Was taken to the ER where they had to insert plates and screws. His prognosis is very hopeful but for someone who spends his time using his strength to manipulate other's bodies this may take longer before he can return to work.

As a result, I won't be having treatments for at least 2 months. Not sure yet whether that is a blessing or a curse. I have been improving and hopefully will continue to without treatments. It at least will allow my body to settle in somewhat and heal. Time will tell. I will miss my visits since I always enjoyed the time I spent with him and his wife Sharon. Such a sweet couple.

~ Tutte ~