Saturday, May 21, 2011


When I moved into this building bordering a 100+ year old forest at the end of a cul'd'sac I thought I it would be a peaceful place.

I have since discovered there is no silence here from the outside, a bustop under my bedroom window, the unbeliebable traffic flow based on the fact that I live above the main entrance so every delivery, garbage or moving truck has to pass by or park under my window. Also the noise from the fire trucks and ambulances that come in the middle of the night since this building houses mostly very senior citizens who have medical emergengies.

Not to forget the landscapers who take several hours to do the lawn and edges. Weedeaters and Leafblowers. It's unbelievably noisy and takes all morning once a week. At least it only lasts about 6 months.

Then on top of that, about 3 months ago someone decided to install an industrial fan to get rid of the exhaust fumes from the garage. This begins at 4 AM and runs until 11PM. My question has to be how many seniors are starting their car that early? Or how much traffic is there really? Makes no sense. I have complained and nothing has been done. Of course that is under my bedroom window along with the generator that spews out toxic diesel fumes when it kicks in. Then the shrill fire alarm that is turned on for an entire morming once a month. The alarm is right over my bed and is so loud and piercing.

Just when I thought nothing else could happen, this week I began hearing noises in my ceiling. So did the Managers office 3 floors below mine. They sent up someone to have an invesigation and nothing has been done since. It's still there and sounds like someone is cleaning your window with a dry squeegy. I guess that was the final straw and now regardless of how much Anxiety or Stress I have around this upcoming move, I know that is temporary versus the stress that would continue to plague me if I keep on living living here.

On top of that they turned off the heat today and I have to sit with a heavy sweater and socks on. I am stunned. It's not warm outside. I guess it's called saving money. I have major question around everything that occurs here. Older people need warmth so how this building, promoted for senior and the disabled, can justify that, blows me away. It is owned and run by a Charitable Society called Kiwanis. There is nothing here to make it more comfortable for either's needs except a lot of wasted space. I have to wonder who the hell designed this?

I hear through the grapevine that many people are leaving and I expect why there is always a For Rent sign.

~ Tutte ~