Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boxed In

Interesting that after becoming stressed out last week because I couldn't find any boxes, I picked up dozen today earlier in the week and then another dozen from the pet store owner I had approached. So between what is packed already and all the boxes stacked in my kitchen, I am really beginning to feel boxed in this tiny space. However I view it from a very positive perspective. I want to be finished packing by the end of the month so I can move as soon as I find a suitable place. I have some fear around looking for a suitable apt. in my price range because I live in a very expensive neighbourhood and worry about becoming discouraged. But that is projecting my fears. A bad habit of mine. I may find the perfect one with my first visit.

I am trusting that THE Universe will come to my assistance once again. IT knows exactly what my needs are and what I constantly visualize.

It sure does feel good to be making progress. Now I know I will escape this HELL.

~ Tutte ~