Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spiraling Towards My Goal

A Friend reminded me that I have to give up my lease by the end of this month and it sent me spiraling and into anxiety until I realized this had to happen in order for me to reach my goal of rediscovering the core of who I want to be and the home that will provide the comfort to do that. It scares me because with my PTSD, having no control is not something I am comfortable with but I realize I have a month to look for something suitable and as The Universe has provided for me in my past it will again.

I will be finished packing in a week and then have a month to look for something suitable. I have accepted that I may not find everything on my wish list but it will definitely be better than the hell I am living in. When I know what I want I always visualize and focus on my intent and usually it comes to pass so I expect it will again.

~ Tutte ~