Friday, April 15, 2011

Bedtime Reading

This is how I went to bed most of my life but for various reasons have been unable to for the last 13 years, the environment and my mind wasn't receptive. I so look forward to resuming this old satisfying and relaxing habit.

In the few years prior to Arch's death and my involvement with Hospice most books dealt with Grief and Dying and Arch would often tell me what a morbid subject I was focused on. As it turned out unexpectely, a few months later with all the informations I had garnered, it served me well with everything I had to face in the future as I had to deal with prognosis and the oncoming death of Arch.

My night table was always stacked with books. Hope it will be again with a different environment and new interests once I am released from the bonds of PTSD and the prison I have lived in.

~ Tutte ~