Monday, March 21, 2011


I finally managed to wash my bathroom floor today of the square foot blood stain that was left there after my fall. I deliberately kept it there as a reminder of how vulnerable I am to falling. Interestingly that image remains imbedded in my mind as a constant reminder.

I did some housework today after far too long, I discovered I was overly aware and hypersensitive to anything that could create a fall, including the vacuum cleaner cord or tripping over the bucket for my mop. I am not happy about living with this constant state of fear of falling or loosing my balance. It will make packing far more difficult.

I wish I had some help with this task. It was one I never paid any attention in the past except in terms of time but now I do in terms of safety. Can I carry a heavy box from one location to another? This is when it would be lovely to have some Male around to help. I expect I will have to hire someone to take care of all the tasks I can no longer do myself.

Tomorrow, I will pack my first box and hopefully gain some much needed confidence to carry on.

~ Tutte ~