Monday, March 7, 2011

My Reprieve

The Ship carrying my reprieve from captivity arrived today. I received my cheque from the government and it was a little more than I had hoped for. I should be playing music and celebrating but am in a state of numbness and disbelief. It will take a few days I am sure before I integrate what this really means for me and my unknown future. It's somewhat scarry. It's is a life altering event. I am sure if feels the same as someone being told they are released from prison and now free. The news is everything one has dreamt about for years but one becomes familiar to living under whatever conditions and adapt. Freedom can seem somewhat frightening and that is what I am experiencing tonight. No doubt, it will be short lived as I begin planning for my upcoming move and focus on all the tasks ahead of me.

I will celebrate in a few days once it sinks in and reality sets down roots. I feel it's a dream tonight.

The Universe kept it's promise and provided for my needs once again. My prayers were heard and answered, I am blessed and my faith affirmed.

~ Tutte ~