Friday, March 4, 2011


This image depicts perfectly the state I am living in currently. The dark aspects of my life will soon be behind me hopefully and yet the future is still so illusive as I live in a state of Limbo waiting to hear from the Government. I need to know how much I will receive before I can take actions for a brighter future. I am becomining increasingly impatient and restless. I have lived through this exercise countless times in my life and know that fretting over it isn't helpful and just a waste of time and energy.

It much easier to deal with the facts whether negative or positive. It allows us some sense of control. Limbo doesn't, it's a place between a rock and a hard place.

Patience is the key and I have tons of that but it is wearing thin now that I know I have been approved and spring is approaching. That is a time of new life and growth and I am so ready to sprout. I can't wait to return to the person I once was. At least, regardless of all these years of living in a vacuum, they will be easy to put behind me and be replaced with old friends and familiar routines.

~ Tutte ~