Monday, March 7, 2011

In Memoriam to Jayne Armstrong

Jayne, the most courageous and inspiring woman I have encountered, grew her wings and took flight today after a very prolonged and hard fought battle with Ovarian cancer. She was in her forty's and married to the most loving and supportive/caregiving husband.

I met her when she joined my website www.portalstopeace years ago and then she and I followed each other on our blogs.

I shall miss reading her blog, the photos she shared of herself, her dogs and husband. She told of all her struggles honestly and with humour however gut wrenching a read.

Cannabis was of great benefit to her in terms of relief from both pain and nausea and I am support in it's legalization. Never used it myself but would want it available legally, if I ever did. And if necessary illegally.I knew a doctor years ago whose daughter was dying and he would buy it illegally to provide her with relief. What does that say about the laws today? It's a natural substance versus all the chemical crap we are prescribed for this and that. I'm not much of a pill taker either but if I had a preference, I would opt for weed.

Coincidently we both received a reprieve today.

~ Tutte ~