Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Comfort of Animal Companionship

This image touched a deep chord within me. It reminded me of the loss this month a year ago of my beloved cat/companion Myki for 8 of my loneliest years. Regardless of how progressively lonely I became, there was always a loyal companion to touch and cuddle and who returned the affection unconditionally. When alone, the need to be able to touch another living being is paramount as is their expression in whatever manner it is extended. A paw, a claw, a lick, purr or a growl. It is in having the ability to extend and express love and to receive it in whatever form it arrives. Animals are healers, especially for the elderly and why they are being brought into nursing homes and LTC facilities. I think as we all age and loose more and more of our friends and family what is often overlooked, is how that affects us on so many levels. We miss the ability of having physical contact. No one left to cuddle with, kiss or even hug. I know I still miss my Myki and always will.

~ Tutte ~