Thursday, June 21, 2012

As a Child I was an Inspiring Artist

I drew and painted throughout my childhood. Wanted to become a Commercial Artist but that pursuit was impossible as I had to go to work to support myself at the age of 15. I have dabbled on and off over the years. Both with graphite/coloured pencils, and Oil Paints. Much to my surpise and delight I discovered I was so much better after a furlow of 10 years. I have many in my home and in others as well so I guess they weren't too amateurish. Just never became my passion although I know I have a Talent. I eventually discovered that my passion was my gardens which became a living pallette and far more satisfying on many levels. Think about doing something again artistically but can't find the motivation. I expect that depression overrides the creative impulse. At least it has for me.

~ Tutte ~