Thursday, April 5, 2012


I haven't entirely quit yet but know someday soon I will. It has lost so much appeal especially since I was in the Hospital. Smoked less than half a package the entire month. Perhaps because I was gifted with a daily patch or the effort of having to dress, go down and outside in whatever weather attached to an IV pole wasn't worth the effort.

Surprisingly and to my doctors as well, all my tests showed that my lungs are completely clear. I really wasn't as much since I don't have a cough or a raspy voice. Haven't had a cold or flue for the last 12 years. Is it due to Genes? I lived with 2nd/3rd hand smoke all my life. My Dad smoked as did my husband. Neither died of lung cancer. My 30+ year old sons who have lived with secondhand smoke their entire lives have had no health problems. Don't think they have ever seen a doctor except for stitches and a broken nose when they were very young. One smokes and the other doesn't. I don't condone smoking anymore and wouldn't recommend anyone do it. However, it is not as black and white issue as we are being told.

It has certainly lost most of it's appeal for me especially with my present dry tongue problems due to the antibiotics that I was innundated with for 6 weeks. Noticed a major change the second week. They killed off any harmful bacteria but some of all the healthy ones as well. Have noticed many changes in my body since. Have reduced my daily intake to about 5 a day. And they don't taste good and burn my tongue. Why I continue, I don't know. Will have to give that some thought.

There are so many toxins in the environment to compromise our health and causes cancer but smoking has become the scapegoat. That all I will say as I could get on another soapbox.

~ Tutte ~