Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Realization

I was recently informed that another cousin of mine has died. That now leaves one other, my older sister and myself, the last few to survive in that generation. It had a huge impact on me in terms of aging and how quickly the generations are passed onto another.

My life ended when my beloved died and since I have lived alone, in isolation for the last 13, those years feel like a vaccuum. Apart from the physical aspects of my body, my mind remains at 50, so to become aware that I am now last in line was quite an eye opener. Not because I fear death since that has been a wish of mine for years but just the reality that it can now occur anytime. I always had a premonition that I would die by the age of 70 and if that happens, it's perfectly fine. Ready to grow wings anytime.

~ Tutte ~