Sunday, March 25, 2012

Continues Pain

I wish I could have written something more positive but the truth is that my shoulder problems are excalating to an unbelievable level. My right shoulder in particular. I am loosing strength, mobilty and flexibility. This happened to my left shoulder 12 years ago from a fall and I learnt to adapt and accomadate. If I loose that in my right, how I will be able to dress myself or lift anything? Today I am finding it difficult to drive not to mention doing anything that requires leverage. As in getting up with my injured leg. The shoulder problem happened before my fall but has become 100 times worse and I attribute that to the goddamned hospital bed. Have an appointment with my sweet Chiropractor and I feel confident that he will do all he can to help me. I can't continue to live with this level of pain. So amazing that the surgeries and tissue problems didn't cause any pain. I expect this is nerve related and anything to do with nerves is the most painful. Trust me I know having had 5 ruptured discs. Excruciating, the worst pain of all.

~ Tutte ~