Sunday, March 25, 2012

Constant Financial Worries

This fall had cost me $1000 plus in unexpected expenses. New glasses, TV rentals in the hospital (I could have bought a new TV) but it was necessary so I had some distraction to pass the time and the costs of prescription upon returning home. The Antibiotics cost me over $100 and I only used 1/4 before they were discontinued. That was a total pissoff. There were others costs which now escape my mind at the moment.

When living on such a meager income as I do, these costs put me into debt. Not sure how to recover as I have more expenses coming up with a tuneup to my car etc. for which I don't have an emergency fund. Will trust that the Universe will continue to provide as it always has in the past. Am always stunned and overwhelmed by how these miracles happen unexpectedly. I know they occur to re-inforce my Lesson in Trust. I made a commitment to live by faith 16 years ago and so far I have never been let down. Truly a miraculous experience. I should state that I now use Intention in place of Faith. Intention is the gear that creates movement and action. That is the miracle in terms of my personal experience of God.

I am so grateful that I live in Canada where the entire cost of my hospital stay at $3,300 a day for a month, excluding the surgeries, Home Care Nursing, cost me nothing. I continue to remain focused on the positive.

~ Tutte ~