Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aging Skin

It took me a long time before I became aware that the 'dust' in my bedroom was in fact, dried out flakes of my skin that I was shedding. Of course it had become evident prior to as I witnessed my skin drying out. Just never made the connection.

I finally understood what I had witnessed happening to my mother many years ago. Didn't think too much about it at the time and she never mentioned it to me. Not sure if it happens to men as quickly or dramatically. Lack of Estrogen I expect, is a key factor.

Getting old totally sucks as the brain remains young for most of us and how we see ourselves in our mind and in my dreams, I remains ever youthful. Walking in front of a mirror today is like walking into a House of Horrors. Absolutely nothing 'Golden' about our latter years, even if some are in good health. Sadly not in my case.

~ Tutte ~