Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have been truly blessed all my life to have made lifelong friends. My Angels who have supported me in countless ways throughout the years. For the past seven, I have had to distance myself from those relationships because I didn't want to overburden them with my problems and leaving them feeling helpless. I made attempts to explain that it was not about them but about the process I was going through. Thankfully they must have accepted that explanation and didn't take it personally. Since I have moved, I have made very successful attempts to reconnect with all of them as my attitude has had a major shift and feel far more positive about the future. Hopefully this new shift in thinking will affect all aspects of my life. It's still all about taking baby steps.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with 3 dear friends with whom I shared many Summer Retreats in the past. We met through our Hospice activities. It was so wonderful to be able to experience that the love that bound us together in the past is still intact. One of those women had come in from Hawaii. We have communicated constantly via Email but it cannot replace the natural flow of energy, that warm hug and extension of love. I look forward to having many more 'Friendly Encounters' with friends as a result of this move. I have missed them profoundly.

~ Tutte ~