Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love Survives

Long after the music has ended
And after the sun is set
After the roses have turned dry
When tears no longer fall from your eyes

Love lives on

In what remains of a lasting touch
In the deafening echo of laughter
It lives on in the cold, darkness of night
Where memories once were made

Long after goodbyes have been said
And after the phone goes dead
After the door is slammed shut
When another pictures is placed in the frame

Love still remains

In that one last `I love you'
In dreams that will never be made
It remains lost in the warmth of the arms of another
When trust was found and comforts gained

Long after the hurt is no more
Love lingers on
And after the chances have been lost
Love never fails
Even after the new day has begun
Love tries
When promises have not been fulfilled

Love survives