Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today's Tragedy

Once again my heart bleeds. Today, on behalf of all the victims of the Tragedy in Tuscon, Arizona. 20 innocent people were gunned down, 6 dead. For what? Some deranged young person who bought into the vitriolic diatribe continously perpetrated on the Inernet, Radio and TV spewing fear and hatred for the sake of ratings and profits.

I become exponentially pissed off with the world we live in. Is there, will there ever be a solution? I doubt it. I'm so happy I'm as old as I am and remember a peaceful time when there was no fear, could leave home without locking a door and the focus was on our helping our neighbours.

A time prior to the advance of High Technology/Gadgets and where there was no fear of being observed or where our privacy was invaded. A time in which autonomy was a given.

Had a long precious chat with my son Ryan in Japan and this topic came up for discussion. His response to my concern about 'Big Brother' (High Tech) was the we are all still free to use it or not. One must become aware that whatever is posted on the NET, phones etc. is available to the Globe. If one wants to retain some form of anonimity it is based on our choices. As are most things in life, except what the forces of Nature brings our way. Everything in life seems to always come back out our choices and accountabilty.

Of course there are many exceptions, particularly in terms of birthplace, family, backgrounde etc. that makes life far more challenging for some than others. I don't have an answer to all the questions that percolate in my mind but life seems so unfair for so many. WHY? will always be my question.

This High Tech revolution is happening so exponentially that no one has enough time to really study the overall effects on Society as a in the long term. Who will set in place the moral parameters and guidelines to provide some foundation? More questions?

~ Tutte ~