Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just as the caterpillar reaches the end of its feeding frenzy in order to move into the next stage of its evolution, so I feel I have reached that point in my life. I have tasted a great variety of leaves, some were unexpectedly sweet others very bitter. Now I am searching for the right branch upon which I will suspend myself and create my cocoon. When I find it, I will attach my weakened body but with a spirit so strong and full of anticipation for what lies ahead and evolve into an awe inspiring butterfly and a free spirit. I have full confidence that when the time comes to emerge from my cocoon, my wings will fill with the fluid of God's energizing life force, expand and spread in the warmth of the loving light that will envelope and infuse me.

A caterpillar is unaware that it will have the potential to fly thousands of miles across continents. It is so far beyond its limited experience of crawling along a branch searching for the next leaf and so I have no concept of what ultimately awaits me. My mind is incapable. My Spirit however, is Open to the Unlimited. The anticipation is difficult to describe as the analogy of the caterpillar and butterfly is all I can relate to.

I look forward to getting my wings and flying into the unexpected and unknown. What an Adventure!

My Dream Life during Sleep has always amazed me. I have memories going back to my baby years and 100's in my memory bank. I can't describe them except in snippets now and then to friends. I do know I have spent a large part of my life living somewhere between the Here and There. I always preferred the THERE. And so to that Realm I will return.

I know you will all join me eventually and I look forward to reconnecting again as more evolved and enlightened beings.

With Peace and Love to all who read this, Tutte

I know this is very premature but since I may never finish my Biography, I feel this message is important enough to include here. We never know when the call arrives to invite us back to the Mystical and Mysterious. Or REALITY? I think the world we live in is an Illusion on most levels. The Unknown Dimension looks far more preferable.