Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is my subtle statement around the need to cover up the beauty of women by Religions. Today the Burka is in the forefront and the cause to have it become a choice versus a law is one we should all be behind.

Controlling women seems to be the focus. I suspect that most men whose ego/brain resides between their legs is the major factor. Women are the greatest threat to their 'perceived' manhood. Doesn't matter if it is in the Islamic World on in the Christian. Women are excluded and considered subservient. When will the world finally wake up to Equality. Truth be known, women are the superior race. Not only do they have brains in the right area but are also able to reproduce. What a combination! Love it! I could really get on my soapbox on this topic but won't.

I grew up with a father who considered women as subservient (there can only be one Captain on a ship) so that gives me a foundation for my opnion. The dicotomy is that he had 3 daughters and brought us all up as if we were boys. As a result, none of us were the subservient women in his life that he had envisioned. He was often stymied as he was so torn between his perceptions and the reality of his own creations. He got what he wanted but in the wrong body. I do believe or at least wish to, that he came to terms with all of it before his death. I believe he did. Time has a way of changing all of us. Sure made for some very interesing discussion over many years.

~ Tutte ~