Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loneliness and the Elderly

This has been my view since I moved into this place that primarily is filled with Widows. It breaks my heart knowing thy are experiencing the same pain as I do. That seems to be the most common condition for older women. Widowhood I mean. Why most women have to live longer than their spouses, is the question. I guess because we can deal with it better based on lives of sacrifice, putting others first and patience etc. Men usually die shortly after they have become widowers. I write that based on my Hospice experience and all the reading I have done. How can men survive alone after a life of having a lover, listener, supporter, cook, waitress, laundress, housekeeper, etc. etc. The list could go on. Their loss of a spouse affects so many areas of their lives they have never had to deal with.

~ Tutte ~