Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sleep, blessed sleep desert me not
But let your tender hands caress my eyes,
And all my aching body steep
in they luxurious paradise.

Sleep, blessed sleep be my guide,
Through semi-conscious shadows steer,
And all thoughts and cares of wakeful hours,
May slow but surely disappear.

~ Archie Langford ~

I know I will go to bed much less stressed out as compared to last night. I did take a sleeping pill and it worked magic. They are addictive and don't want to go down that path. I spent the day reflecting and finding avenues of letting go of negative emotions and I succeded somewhat. The sting is gone as in the past and I will be able to move forward. Probably because I took actions to remove this person from having such a negative power over me and the peace I so strive for. Sometimes Blood Bonds must be servered. I did that in the past for 6 years and during that period I found my own voice and strength for the first time. I won't allow that to be kidnapped from me again by some one else's perverted need at my expense.

~ Tutte ~