Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Joy of Reading

Depending on the choice of subject matter and our interests, reading can bring forth all types of impressions and responses. In my youth, I was fascinated with the most Macabre then moved towards Crime and Courtroom Dramas and eventually ended up with anything that would enhance my understanding on a Spiritual level and was Mind Expanding.

Eventually to the topic of Death & Dying and what happens when it occurs and afterwards. I had a stack of books on the subject on my night table and my husband would often tell me they were too Morbid.

I was involved volunteering with Hospice at the time, sitting with a dying young woman and little did I know that the information I gleaned from all that reading would provide me with so much help as my husband unexpectedly was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer and in the dying process. Four short months to adjust to it all. I wrote 4 Jounals during that period to provide with me with means to express myself. I was 50 and totally unprepared for the devastation emotionally. Reading provides tools but only expeirience can provide long term wisdom.

The wealth of information I had gleaned provided me the attitude I needed to cope, adjust and to makes his final days the most Peaceful and filled with Love. It was the gift I was able to provide for both of us. He died peacefully at home and pain free thank God. We should all be able to provide that when possible. Had I not been involved with Hospice for years, I would have been competlely unprepared. No one ever is regardless.

The last book I read was 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and I haven't been able to read since and if I could, not sure what my subject matter would be today. Probably Biographies about Overcoming Life's Challenges. I know there are countless on the topic and would undoubtedly inspire me. I just need a chair and a reading lamp for that to happen. Hope it will. I feel I am getting ready to read once again. I need inspiration. What I am able to create for myself is wearing thin.

~ Tutte ~