Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fearful Minds

Fearful minds have taught you that the truth about yourself is so horrid that you couldn't handle what you'd find if you dared to look. Yet, in reality, your truth is so magnificent that if you did look upon it, you'd find validation and inspiration to be all that you have the potential to be.

Most of what you think about yourself is learned from outside opinions. You've adopted dark self-images that have been projected onto you by others who don't know or love themselves. You began to believe that you were deficient or evil, to the point that whenever attention was drawn to your inner self, you cringed in fear of being exposed. But the best thing that could ever happen to your true self would be to expose it, for it's sparkling and wonderful in every way. It's really who God created you to be.

If you fear looking at your true self, you'll find many ways to distract yourself from it. Busyness, drama, and addictions are ways of avoiding facing yourself. To find the peace you seek, stop running and just be. Get to know who you really are. Remember the wholeness you felt before you joined the rush to nowhere. Then you'll recognize yourself through the eyes of love, and everything will be different.

~ Alen Cohen ~

I just received the above quote in my Inbox and it speaks profoundly to my earlier post that referred to Ego Annihilation. This process is the gift that Isolation and Reflection has bestowed upon me.

~ Tutte ~