Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Sweet Remembrance initiated by a lovely photo

As a child living in Denmark, we had a neighbour down the road who had a summer cottage that was unoccupied. On one particular day as I was out exploring I discovered their garden and all the red strawberries ready for picking. I was probably around 4 at the time and was so tempted that I went ahead and picked and ate the berries to my hearts content until my stomach was so full I couldn't eat another. I went home and never said a thing. I expect with some sense of guilt but not really sure why although I had been brought indoctrinated with the 10 Commandment. One was not to steal.

As the days passed I began to feel more and more guilty but still never said a word or confessed to my transgression.

My beloved grandfather got his driver's License at the age of 72 and purchased a car. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, now at age 5, we went for a drive in the country side and part of my tip included my education in terms of how to recognize different grains fields. Was it wheat, rye, oats, etc. I became quite good. The unexpectedly we approached a different landscape, No fields of growth but rather barren ground with a few areas of lawn and then suddenly a large 2 story building appeared. I asked what it was and I was told that it was a prison. I asked for an explanation of what a prison was and was told it was where people go who have stolen things. My profound long lasting feeling of guilt resurface and with my one question convicted myself. My question was, "Do people who steal strawberries go to prison?" Today I don't remember what the response was because of the sound of laughter. For a 5 year old.....that meant I was innocent. It was however a great lesson and one I have carried with me all my life and why it is such a profound memory. I have the ability to remember moments in my life where there are snapshots in my mind so that I don't need a photo to remind me.

~ Tutte~