Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Miracle Happened to ME

I just went out for my last smoke of the night and saw an SUV parked by the curb with a light that showed some body action within and then dimmed. I became concerned as it seemed somewhat unusual and wondered if there was a problem. My focus what there and I forgot to look where I was going and fell. Didn't trip on anything. It happened out of the blue. I couldn't believe it. NOT AGAIN! Didn't hurt myself but had no idea how to get up. I inched my way to the curb by rocking my hips and realized that there wasn't enough leverage for me to get up. My fear is not so much about falling but the fact that I can't get up when I do without leverage. I no longer have any strength in my arms and can't put weight on my knees. A very helpless situation.
My only option then was to butt crawl my way to the side of the SUV and knock on the window. I did that many times without any response even though I called for help, said I fell and couldn't get up and if they didn't want to help me, to at least call 911. I got no response and so had to come up with another idea. I butt crawled towards the front of the SUV thinking that if I could grab on to the front wheel and the side mirror, I would have some leverage to pull myself up.
Lo and behold, out of the darkness, two young girls, "Angels" walked towards me to ask if they could help. This was now 4 AM and neither were dressed for the cold temp. I couldn't believe it when I saw them a few feet away from me... coming out of nowhere. They said they lived in an apt. close by but it didn't ring true. There was no reason for them to be out so late and inappropriately dressed. Oh well, I don't want to project something I know nothing about. I've lived here for over a year and going out for late night walks to have a puff have never run into anyone. This was NOT a mere coincidence IMO.
They grabbed both arms and helped me up and escorted me back to my front door. Of course I hugged and thanked them profusely as they were shaking from the cold.
I am still in a state of shock and disbelief that this just happened to me. Every time I go out at night for a puff, I always ask God to look after me and keep me safe as I have such a fear of falling. Under very unusual circumstances He/She/It did tonight. It all seems like such a miracle that these two beings came out of nowhere to help me. We occasionally hear stories like this on the TV but never expect to have that type of encounter personally. I am so grateful I did and once again as in the past when I have found myself in the most extreme situations, someone always comes to my aid. Interestingly, they have all been young women. I am not making any type of statement, just an observation.
I had to write this down while it was so fresh in my mind. Thankfully at the moment, I am not in any pain but no doubt, will have some bruises tomorrow. So thankful tonight that I landed on my butt versus my knees.
'Angels' are always beside me.
~ Tutte~