Wednesday, May 9, 2012


After two weeks of being so innundated with Anxiety, I finally had some respite today. Still haven't figured out why but I expect it had to do with a visit to my Chiropractor and his wife. Love this couple. He is helping and providing me with a new level of comfort. Free of charge.

It's the first interaction I have had with the outside world for two weeks, my decision based on sleeping all day as a form of escape. And having nothing to get up for. We all need to wake to a purpose or productivity and I have none.

Spring is the worst season for me since I want to be outdoors from sunrise to sunset as I have been my entire life. I can't function behind walls. I do go for several drives around the neighbourhood and often come home in tears. I have made a small improvement since I couldn't open my blinds and let in the sun for the last 8 years. Gardening was my passion and have no idea what to replace it with. Does a violinist who lost an arm want to go and sit in an Orchestra Pit?

~ Tutte ~