Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for Healing

Since my fall almost a week ago, I have been going through a healing process and it will take time. The impact to my knee and leg has been totally shocking and my knee looks like it has gone through a meat grinder. I expect because there is a metal plate inside that caused further and unexpected injuries (from knee replacement). The blood and fluids have extended behind my knee and down to my instep. My left leg and foot are twice it's normal size.

The strangest aspect of this, is the number of blisters that have occurred and has left me with a knee that is constantly draining. Small pinpoint holes in some spots. The areas where the blisters broke is now totally black. A hard surface. Why? I don't know. Finally took off the bandage today and was so surprised to see what a minimal cut I had. Obviously, all the injuries occurred on the inside. I haven't been to a doctor because I haven't felt there is anything unexpected pain wise and nothing he could do. If I thought my replacement had in any way been compromised, I would have.

Fortunately, it is not overly painful and I can tolerate all the discomfort. Continue to walk to keep the fluids moving. Healing on every/any level always takes time and I have become very patient over the years. This will as well. I am just so grateful I didn't break anything. Never have.

~ Tutte ~