Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been two weeks since my fall and this week I have been in greater discomfort and it continues to get worse. I expect that is part of the healing process. It's a nasty looking knee that has a 4" x 2" inch covering of what looks like hard black patent leather. A scab of some sort. None who have viewed it have ever seen anything similar. It didn't occur because of a cut but a hematoma.

It began to bleed as I dried it after my shower today. The edge of the scab seperated from the healthy tissue. I expect this will continue to occur incrementally. I attempt to keep it moist so it won't dry and crack before healing has occured underneath. I am quite fearful of an infection with an open wound. Lots of strange sensations/pain on the inside as I guess nerve endings are trying to reconnect.

My leg and foot are twice their nomal size and my foot hurts like hell and difficult to stand on. Black and blue as gravity played it's part with all the fluid in my knee that had no other place to go. I expect this will take a long time to heal. I can bear the pain and remain grateful for not having had far greater injuries or broken bones. It seems I always have an angel on my shoulder.

~ Tutte ~