Friday, January 13, 2012

A Soul without Peace

I awaken every day regardless of the hour, with a desire not to. I am catapulted from a life of interaction, familiar and beloved deceased family & friends, adventure, color, activity, creativity in my dreams to the reality of another day of nothingness except how to pass empty hours of loneliness sitting in front of my PC. I am so GODDAMNED TIRED OF DOING THIS but have no idea what to replace it with. Perhaps Spring and thinking about how I want to decorate my balcony will help. God, I sure hope so. My Dream Life is so Superior to Reality. I guess I should be grateful on some level. Perhaps I have a foot in two dimensions. Sometimes I tend to think I do. Most people don't have the type of Dreamlife life I have since as far back as my memories go. 100's I still remember.

~ Tutte ~