Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is a Very Unsentimental image but that is how I view this Season.

It has no meaning for me whatsoever any more as I have had to celebrate it by myself for the ? years. Xmas is about sharing, giving, receiving and in the company of our loved ones. Most are no longer present or available and since I don't believe in the birth of Christ at this time of year is doesn't have are religious aspect either.

However, I remember so vividly with loving memories, all the magical Xmas's of the past. My beloved Arch was a living embodiment of Santa Clause. He absolutely loved the season. He cooked, baked, bought present and wrote magical and funny notes to accompany everyone. He had such a fantastic sense of humour. The note would bring more pleasure than the gift. Christmas without him, is NOT Christmas.

God, how I miss him. Still...... and always will.

~ Tutte ~