Friday, November 18, 2011

What Music?

I finally bit the bullet and went to see the Chiropractor. A lovely and empathic man. He spent 45 minutes taking down my history. Then 15 making some adjustments. God they hurt and confirmed my problems. My next apt. is on Saturday and then I expect many follow-ups. He shared his concern for me that what is happening in my right shoulder is Rheumatoid Arthritis. That is what my left shoulder has been diagnosed with and why such limited movement and chronic pain.

The thought of this scares the shit out of me. Not so much the pain involved but the lack of strength and mobility. I am trying not to project the worst outcome, while remaining realistic, and hope that the treatments I receive in the future will slow that process down. My body for the last 15 years has been riddled with Arhtritis with subsequent surgeries. No doubt due to the fact that my Immune System has been overly compromised due to all the stress I have endured for almost 30 years. A Constant overload of Adrenalin. The Immune System in overdrive, ends up attacking the host, my body. It boggles my mind, how much chronic pain I can continue to endure. Living with that colors every thought and life experience. However, on a positive note, it proves to me how much endurance resides within each of us when put to the test. That is a Global experience and those in the Western World living off the sweat and hard labour of 99% of the population have no ability to comprehend.

Now I could really spout off my opinion but once again will stop myself from getting on my soapbox.

Will update, hopefully with less painful news. Tonight I am on FIRE. Expected after having the vertebrae manipulated.

~ Tutte ~