Sunday, November 13, 2011

Medicine and Doctors

One may ask why I have not gone to a doctor with my current problems. The quick answer is that I have suffered with health issues since I was a child with little help. I never received the right advice or medications and nothing ever alleviated the pain or resolved the problem. I became very sceptical and as a result became my own physician. Eventually discovered that Medicine is a Business run by the Pharmaceutical companies at a high cost to consumers as are hospitals who need to perform surgeries in order to pay the bills and for new diagnostic equipment.

I eventually came to the conclusion after having had 9 major surgeries, that all I need are plumbers and carpenters. Those are practical skills and carried out very well by most Surgeons. There is little guess work involved. Have had great results by their labour and training. My Orthopeadic Surgeon started his career operating on large animals. That was a thumbs up since I was very overweight at the time. I could get on my soapbox around this topic but will stop here. Seem to have a multitude of soapboxes, probably because I live alone and never have someone to talk to or to pull the plug. I miss that immensenly, especially the feedback.

In the back of my mind is the idea of going to a chiropractor but hesitate since I worry about the negative ramifactions to my already compromised back. However, have a name of one highly recommended by a close girlfriend. Have been to chiropractors in the past and found most very helpful but I was young and in much better shape back then. In fact, one was kind enough to pay me a home visit when I couldn't get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Had to wear a diaper, handy since I had a 3 month old son.

Today I worry. All will depend on if time will heal this current problem or how much longer I can live with this level of pain. I know I should bite the bullet but money and the lack of it, is always in the forefront of my mind. The lack of money has been an issue for years and why I had to let so many things progress beyond where they should.

I don't suffer much from envy but do for those who have the means to maintain their health whether in terms of mental/eye or dental care. Why I empathize so much for the 40 million US citizens who have no coverage and millions of others suffering around the globe, especially the children. Rarely spoken of or reported on unless there is a major catastrophy. Then it becomes the current News thread and after a few weeks left in the dust. What happens afterwards is always a mystery to me. The Tsunami, the Earthquake in Haiti, etc. etc. etc. There is never a follow up and it pisses me off. I remember after the US invasion into Kuwait and the devastation of all the oil wells being set alight and the concern for the water in the Gulf and and it's impact on the marine life and food supply. Have never heard or read of the consequences via TV. I guess as I am writing this I am coming to the realization that I need to take responsibility for how well informed I am and do some researching. The mental state in which I have lived for so long didn't allow me to think too far beyond my personal struggle to stay somewhat mentally intact. Perhaps the future will. Sure hope so.

Less pain today so I am grateful.

~ Tutte ~