Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Xmas Season Approaching Living with Absence

The Presence of Your Absence Is Everywhere

The park bench placard spoke of loss
And the way the Beloved is almost more there
Than before though touch seems impossible
And embrace longed for. Oh the power of absence

To forge remembrance - single moments
So cellularly embedded to make time eternal:
A brush of hand to cheek, the fragrance of perfume,
The way smoke of a pipe curled up or how we once

Wrote messages in frost on the window panes
With another. This Tabernacle of Memory
That year by year rises in us - this great heart space
Where nothing is lost - how it opens -

How we are there again like yesterday,
Filled with love for tomorrow,
Embracing the moment at hand --
The Presence of Absence everywhere.

Marilee L. Pallant/Sage