Monday, October 3, 2011


“Worry looks around,
Sorrow looks back
Faith looks up.”

~Saint Xavier

Have experienced them all and they remain constant. Not just with me but everyone. We have yet to learn to Live Life In the Moment. I sure haven't although I am aware it is an option. Why? I don't know. There is no classroom to teach us how. The world and our parents instill a sense of fear and insecurity.

Loss instills a profound sense of sorrow for which there is no band-aid.

Faith is all that has kept me going even when I had lost all sense of Hope. The Lifeblood for living still somewhat intact. We cannot survive psychologically without it. I almost didn't. I still worry!

I am so profoundly lonely and lacking in focus. Even with this new move and content in my new home, I have come to realize that those 2 aspects of the past moved with me. Not entirely unexpected but clarified some of my issues. I must find something to become involved with if not passionate about....but what?

~ Tutte ~