Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Reminder

As I was sorting through my cupboards I came across the box that contains my beloved mothers ashes. I put them on top of the fridge so I wouldn't forget them. Every time I look at them my heart does a flip flop and twists. I guess that is why I have wanted to keep them out of my sight versus having them in an Urn somewhere in constant view.

Years before my Mom died, I promised to keep them until I died and then have both of ours buried with my husband who was buried at the bottom of his mother's grave. It seems so appropos that the four of us should eventually rest in peace in the same space. He adored his mother who died when he was 15 and cried every time he mentioned her. I adored mine and Arch and I adored each other. What could be a better conclusion? Of course I believe we will all rejoin in some space and time far from this earthly experience, but seems perfect for our earthly experience. My sons thought I was being morbid. I view it very differently.

It was intended as reminder to my step children and my own who may not have been aware of my wishes so they can follow through with them, when the times comes. One has to be practical and make one's wishes known from time to time as we all tend to forget, especially when it is a topic that doesn't come up for discussion very often. I don't think I ever told my boys but have to my step-children who would have to take care of everything since they live relatively close by.

It needed to be stated however, just like a Living Will. Items we choose not to think about but might be forced to. It's just good to know. We should all express our wishes in writing to someone.

The above picture was taken when we laid my beloved's headstone at the feet of his mother's.

~ Tutte ~