Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Can See A Way Out

After spending the first few days scouring around for boxes I only came home with 3 but today I hit the Jackpot and came home with a dozen. That removes a lot of pressure that was building. Amazingly the more I pack, the more I realize how much is still left to do. There will be much less this time since I haven't accummulated anything in the last 7 years and am being so brutal about discarding.

I have no memory of how unpacked everything when I moved in here. I am sure I was in a state of shock. The challenge once I move is that everything will be dirty because I couldn't tackle both cleaning and packing. So contrary to the way I moved in the past. Everything was washed and polished but it will give me much to occupy my time once I have moved and that will be just fine. It will be so wonderful to start off clean and shiny and without any cat hair. The bain of my life until Myki sadly died. I still miss him and hear him rarely now in my closet. Perhaps he has moved on.

I will be very busy for the next few days.

~ Tutte ~