Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am so grateful that despite the years of despair, I always maintained a glimmer of hope even when it seemed there was nothing to cling on to.

I expect since I held on to so much of my precious rosewood furniture when I moved in here, I must have known this would never become my permanent home. I am so grateful today that I did. I have had this since I bought it in my 20's and is so much part of what I consider my HOME and my life. It did create a huge problem here but I never regretted it. I haven't seen my beautiful coffee table for years, it's in storage but one of my most favorite items. I just couldn't part with it. Rosewood is beyond affordability today. As is the type of Danish craftmanship. It's not the price of it that has value for me but the beautiful grain in the wood and rich color. It can't compare with Ikea or particle board. I had to sacrifice my beautiful bedroom suit but that was acceptable. I had no choice but I did with the rest and why I held on to it.

Hopefully I will be able to recreate the type of living room I have enjoyed all my life prior to moving in here.

~ Tutte ~