Sunday, February 20, 2011


The Web of my confinement for the last 7 years is beginning to unravel as I just received confirmation from the government that they have approved my application for 5 years of retro disability payments. Have no idea yet what the amount will be but regardless, I know it will be what I need to extricate myself from this web I have been trapped in for much too long.

The Universe (God)is good in that IT has answered my prayer once again. I live by faith and have experienced many miracles in my life when I was rescued from disaster. I was on the brink of self destruction when this process began. I am so grateful.

The future looks so much brighter today and I don't wake up with thoughts of suicide. Hope is a major factor and having a vision to make wishes come true with a lot of assistance is the key. I spent so many years feeling totally hopeless.

~ Tutte ~