Saturday, February 26, 2011

Matter of Time

With this new knowledge and hope I have for a brighter future, I know it's just a matter of time.

I won't start packing or looking for a new dwelling until I receive the cheque so I know how much I have to work with. Once I know, I will begin packing and when half way through I will look for a new home. My strength and stamina has been greatly diminshed from years of disability and a sedentary life. I have begun walking my long hallways twice a night religiously in order to build myself up for the work involved with packing and moving. It feels great. I had forgotten how good it feels when the body is in motion.

I am slowly gaining strength and stamina with every day but it takes much longer as we age. Most importantly, my confidence is returning. I have discovered through this exercise that my right side is very weak and the problem. Not as a result of my hip replacement but rather the nerve damage that was caused by 5 major episodes of ruptured discs over 25 years that all affected my right side. Those were the most painful experiences of anything I have ever encountered. The last one took 3 weeks to overcome. I couldn't sit, stand or lie down for any length of time. I had spasms in both buttock and calf relentlessly. The nerve in my calf muscle kept firing constantly so if I looked at my leg, I could see it constantly jumping. It eventually led to atrophy of that muscle and further nerve damage to my foot. It disappated somewhat over time, but still occasionally wakes me up at night if I turn the wrong way.

So every problem we have to deal with, is always a matter of time before we have a resolution. Not always the one we could have wished for but at least some relief.

~ Tutte ~