Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unfulfilled Desire

I began my photography years ago when I wanted something to have to paint in my later years when I knew the activities of youth would deminish. Now that they have arrived and I have all my photos, easel, drawing table, etc. I don't have the light or space.

I did create a line of Greeting Cards that provided some income after my husband died so they have served a purpose.

Another great impetus to change my Environement. During the period of my profound TPSD, lasting 6 years, my creative spirit became quagmired in the prison of disfunction on every level. Now it is beginning to resurface and undoubtedly if I become creative again, the photos will not be important as I will want to express my emotions. I hope to God it will become available to me. I have so many images in my mind that I want to express on paper or canvas.

~ Tutte ~