Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Childhood Tears

I just came across this photo and it spoke volumes to me and brought back so many memories. I suppose what I love about having started this blog is that it allows me to explore emotions that are initiated by a specific image. They take me into areas I rarely explore.

I related so well to this one. It reminded me of all the tears I shed in my childhood for various reasons and were rarely affirmed or comforted. I guess why I eventually learnt not to cry. Wish I could but never do. I have to leave off for now and think about all those emotions that have resurfaced much to my surprise.

No doubt it is the same for everyone as we are all still trying to overcome that period of our lives when we were the most vulnerable to the worst aspect of human behaviour directed towards us and became wounded phychologically as a result. We all ARE!!! So Goddamned sad!

~ Tutte ~