Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have always had a love for Pearls. My Favorite Jewel. Bought myself an 18" graduated strand for my 21st birthday. My first ring contained a Pearl and Arch gave me a double strand as a wedding present. I own many. Love them all.

I remember once when at a Hospice Retreat we were asked to do a visualization about our lives. What I received during my meditation was that our lives our similar to that of a Pearl. It begins it's evolution as an irritant to the Oyster and over time the Oyster in order to protect itself, builds up increasing layers of Nacre that eventually gives the Pearl it's lustre. I could relate and believe that life's experiences lay down layers of Nacre on each of us until some day we will all become lustrous beings. Just as with the Oyster, it's a long and irritating process.

Few are perfect or uniform in color and shape but each is unique and beautiful.

~ Tutte ~