Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Cravings

There are times like right this moment when I am so overwhelmed with cravings for certain foods that were part of my past. A BLT, a Panini, a Thai Spring Roll, Japanese and Vietnamese food, French Fries, anything deep fried, Weiner Schnietzel, Breaded Porkchop, a BBQ'd Steak etc. etc. etc. Anything Fresh or with a Crunch. Just a good crusty roll or a piece of toast. God how I miss those. They were my favorites versus all the 'stuff' that I can gum today. I can't think about it or I will cry. Instead I will stuff the 10th piece of gum in my mouth and hope that alleviates the cravings. Ultimately it doesn't but momentarily. I have no idea how to resolve this enormous and current problem.

Once again, I have been denied what I used to take for granted. What is that about I ask myself and never receive an answer. God I am so frustrated and becoming increasingly impatient.

~ Tutte ~