Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fading Ego

I expect that for most of us, the current Economic hardships, lack of employment etc. and especially aging provide us with the tools to diminish the negative aspect of the Ego's hold over us.

In my youth, I wanted everything to be of the highest quality, not in terms of labels or quantity, but because that was my taste in everything. Less was more but it had to be the Best. No doubt my underlying need to fulfill a mask I had perceived as necessary to fulfill myself. Somewhere in the mix, my aesthetic appreciation played a roll and I was always drawn to the best and most expensive as a result. I don't feel any need to apologize for that. It is just part of who I am. A Major part of my Acute Sensory Experience.

With all that has happened to me and now as I have entered into a period of life where appearance, health, home, friends, all the accruements that made life an enjoyable experience are diminishing, the ego fades as well. I am finally forced to relinquish the masks and accept myself for who I REALLY am. I like parts of me so much better.

The challenge then becomes, as we reflect upon our lives, how illusionary or genuine we really were. The answer to that will either bring up peace or sorrow. It would behoove everyone to think about this as they walk on their journey through life but I expect most never do in terms of long term consequences. I am so grateful I have.