Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time is Illusive

What is it really but a moment of experience to be either enjoyed or rejected. Depending on the circumstance, interactions, relationships and perceptions (based in a multitude of factors) it will leave a different impact. And be remembered with a different Tag. (a PC term today)

Yet, it has such a profound impact on our personal history, character development and maturity. I know we all have a different perception in our minds of how it manifests itself. For some a linear line and for other's a clock. I view the year as a clock with Jan 1st at 6. and the years as linear with the arrow always pointing to the left towards the future. I am sure it is different for everyone and I have no idea why mine is what it is. Really makes no difference in the big scheme of things. However, I am sure it is a conundrum for Physicists and Astronemers who are trying to figure out the Universe and how it all began and by what. I don't expect they ever will, somethings are just beyond the capability of the human mind.

All experiments and hypothesis are based on the limited capacity to ask the right questions. Science is based on proving the question was the correct one. It all boils down to building blocks that will probably take as long as it took for the Universe to be created but undoubtedly, a fascinating field and when there seem to be an explanation, we are all intrigued, whether we believe it or not.

Science IMO, can only take us so far depending on the questions we ask. Somewhat like the Internet on a much greater scale. There are probably answers to most of ours, if we knew the question and answers we are seeking. Have certainly found many. The Web today has become the Avenue for all answers regardless of our Intentions, Political/Religious points of view etc. etc. etc. There is, as we all recognize today, the potential for Good or Evil. It, whether anyone wants to recognize it as such, has become 'Big Brother' or if you are believer in the Bible Prophecies, the Mark of the Beast.

I remember having a conversation with a girlfriend in the early 60's talking about what could be the Mark of the Beast as was described to us in Church.

The first computers were just coming on the scene but I remember vividly the moment that I said to her, that without knowing what the future had in store, this new technology would provide all the means. Little did I know at the time, that 40 years later, we are getting much closer to that prophecy. Our privacy and anonimity is being slowly eroded as we are being fed lies of fear and a need for security.

I don't take the Bible literaly today although I did for the first 35 years of my life. I focus on the message of Christ today as is espoused by so many other spritual writings that are intended to provide us with the wisdom of how to live and love ourselves and our neighbours.

I could write so much around this area but enough has been said for tonight. Just had to get it off my chest.

~ Tutte ~